Sunday, February 12, 2012

Celestial Dreams

Anyone who is a fan of Laurel Burch will recognize this fabric. It's her Celestial Dreams collection. I found this quilt as a kit at the Quiltmaker's Cottage in Hershey last July. At my guild's retreat in the fall, I put it together.

Joe loved it and asked me if I could "make it bigger" so that it fit our bed. I went back to the shop the week after Christmas and bought more fabric. I added a border of sawtooth stars and an 8-inch (rather than the 6-inch border called for) and now it fits our bed. I finished yesterday. (We have a waterbed, and when I make quilts, I don't make them with a drop.)

Biloxi "inspected" it while I was putting on the binding. I include this photo so you can see the awesome multi-color star fabric I used on the back.

We love it! A perfect quilt for beating the blahs of January/February!



  1. Great job! Love the extra sawtooth stars, it adds a lot of interest. And so glad that Biloxi approves, whew!

  2. How pretty, the entire quilt (and inspector) is beautiful!

  3. Another great quilt...well done! Rita

  4. Such a nice quilt! I'm sure if I have that one, my cats would have a great sleep especially at nigh!